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Hello and welcome! The one thing you need to know is I am passionate about theatre and live events.  To this day there’s nothing I enjoy more than going to see something live.  The energy and atmosphere is impossible to replicate.
I believe that the key to a successful event of any kind is team work and organisation.  You need to have a great team at the forefront of the event willing to do what it takes to make the event a success and people behind the scenes who have organised it the smallest details.

I have worked on many theatre productions and events; both professional and amateur of varying sizes.  While working these I have been fortunate enough to work with some very talented event and theatre managers who have let me progress and refine my skills over the years.
I am based on the South on England, but I travel around the country working on events.
If you would like to discuss a show or event then you can go complete the ‘Contact Ruth’ form and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.


During the course of the last ten years I have had the pleasure of working with Ruth at Comic Cons throughout the UK.  In all my dealings with her she has been courteous, polite and efficient.  In the role of Guest Liaison she handled the day to day running of events with authority, intelligence and good humour, always remaining calm under pressure.

Ruth is totally reliable, trustworthy and, importantly, a person of impeccable confidentiality.If I needed an event manager I would have no hesitation in employing Ruth and her company, absolutely sure in the knowledge that I would be in very safe hands.Chris Barrie – Actor and Presenter

Its is always good to know Ruth is on your Team, you get the feeling all will be well. She is proactive and positive. She shows a good level of individual thinking. She is able to work alone as well as been
a great team asset.
Over the last few years I have seen Ruth grow in confidence and would not hesitate in calling her at any hour as I know she would always be there to help.Emma Welford - All about you – Event Manager and Operations Manager for MCM Comic Con Regional and London Shows
We have worked alongside Ruth on a number of occasions at MCM Expo / Memorabilia; Ruth is the go to girl for getting the job done – happy, polite and efficient. I have observed her working with large groups of people (usually the general public) and one on one (clients, agents and celebrities) with the abilities to adapt her skills for specific situations. Going forward, I would have no hesitations in working with Ruth again.  Dexter O'Neill - Co-director of Fantom Films (www.fantomfilms.co.uk)/
Ruth is a great asset to any team. She is professional in her approach to any project she has worked on with me and is really approachable and friendly – helping performers to feel at ease and to know they’re in safe hands. I would thoroughly recommended her and most certainly make use of her skills again in the future.Neil Maddock - Director of E-Quip Arts (www.e-quiparts.org.uk)
It is with the highest regard that I recommend Ruth Hiscott.  For three years I have had the pleasure of watching Ruth perform with the utmost level of professionalism and care in the fast-paced environment of one of the United Kingdom’s largest conventions–MCM Comic Con.  Whether it be at MCM Comic Con London, which garners over 150,000 attendees, or any of the other Comic Cons around the United Kingdom, which Ruth has worked at, her attention to detail and follow through are impressive. Despite working in a high-stress environment with potentially high-strung personalities to satisfy, Ruth remains calm, focused and a joy to be around. She is highly organized and a master of time management skills. I am always amazed at how she has anticipated our needs without even asking.  She is a team player and always eager to assist where needed. Ruth is a quick-learner who handles responsibility exceptionally well, and is a dedicated, quick-thinking problem-solver who has been able to successfully negotiate any crisis that has been thrown at her.  Ruth always has a positive attitude and works well with everyone, whether it be her peers, her supervisors or the people whom she is managing.  Ruth Hiscott will be a treasured asset to any organisation.Lori Maulton Kelly - TV Producer

It is with great pleasure that I get to share my experience of working with Ruth Hiscott. On numerous occasions over the past 3 years, I have worked along side and with Ms. Hiscott and honestly the pleasure has been all mine. In the stressful world of show business, one often finds themselves under tremendous stress and tight deadlines. However, it has been my experience that Ruth handles herself with grace and ease in any situation. All too often when something was going wrong, I knew without a doubt, I could call on Ruth and she would always sort any problem I was having. She often made big challenges seem effortless and handled them with ease. Over the course of working with her, I admired her professionalism, tireless work ethic and great sense of houmor, which can get you through almost any challenge life hands you.

So it is with the utmost respect, I am honoured to recommend Ruth Hiscott to any employer lucky enough to have her on their team.  Sean Kelly - TV Presenter and Producer


Over the past few years I have been involved in several theatrical productions as a stage manager or a stage management consultant.  These productions have been in several theatres over Southampton or outdoors over a large area.  Below are 2 companies that I have worked closely with over the last few years.

E-Quip Arts:

E-Quip Arts is a fantastic organisation that uses performing arts to engage different communities within the Southampton area.  It uses the arts to give people opportunities they may not normally have to express themselves and explore different skills and gain confidence.

With E-Quip I have stage managed The Southampton Passion and the Southampton Nativity.  The Southampton Passion was a one off outdoor production in the Southampton Arts Quarter.  The show was put over 3 stages of varying sizes.  Both productions were musicals with the music being released on CD afterwards.

For more information on E-Quip arts please visit http://www.e-quiparts.org.uk/


Southampton Operatic Society. 

Southampton Operatic Society (SOS) has been doing musical shows for nearly 100 years.  I have been one of their stage managers for 18 months.  Each show has a run of about a week.  I also assist with props and scene changes during the show if they are short of ASM’s or stage hands.  I am also a stage manager consultant with them when I am unable to stage manage their show.  This involves being on call to answer queries from the stage management team and producer.

For more information on SOS please visit http://www.sotonopera.org/index.php

Below are a few theatre shows I have worked on:

All Theatre Photography by Paul Dawson-Plincke;  http://www.pdp.photography


I have been working on events around the country for over 15 years and I have seen some of these events grow in both size and prestige.  These events have varied in size, venue and event content.  A good event is all about planning; you need a good team organising and promoting it as well as running it on the day to make it a success.  I have been involved in both organising and running events over the years and have become more involved in the companies below.

MCM Central Group

For over 10 years I have dedicated as much of my free time as possible to working at as many MCM Comic Cons as possible.

I assist in the running of one of the largest areas at the events as well working with the floor manager to ensure a smooth set up, running and get out of each show.  During the largest shows of the year, at the Excel Centre in London, I am the area co-ordinator for a large and busy area, making sure it is organised and run efficiently as possible.

For more information on MCM please visit http://www.mcmcentral.net/

Sci-Fi Ball

I am the floor manager for this annual event.  I started on the technical team assisting with lighting, and was quickly asked to be the floor manager.  I work with the directors of the company to ensure that everything is organised and scheduled correctly and that all teams have the correct information.  During the event, I liaise with all departments, including the venue, to ensure everything runs smoothly.

For more information on the Sci-fi Ball please visit http://www.sfball.com/

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